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Biblically ResilienT

Welcome to Biblically Resilient Christianity, a digital sanctuary where faith meets resilience. At the core of our existence is a passion for guiding Christians back to the foundational principles of their faith. In a complex world filled with ever-changing values, all competing to influence our identity, we strive to be a steadfast anchor, providing a haven for those seeking unwavering biblical truth.

Our community is driven by the belief that a resilient Christian foundation is essential for navigating the complexities of modern life, and it is achieved by viewing God's Word as the primary and ultimate source of truth.  We understand the challenges and uncertainties that believers face, and we are committed to fostering a supportive environment where individuals can reconnect with the timeless wisdom found in the Scriptures.  

We are committed to offering resources devoted to helping disciples of Jesus navigate the intersection of faith and culture.


We are a collection of people that have made Jesus their Lord, and understand that to mean we live in this world, but are truly not of this world.  We also find ourselves practicing our faith and leading ministries within a North American culture that has decided to double down on rejecting Jesus, and is increasingly viewing the Bible as standing in the way of real progress.  We reject that notion, knowing that the historic Christian Church, all the way back to the first century, has grown and flourished when it has resisted the temptation to cave into pressure from the world. 


We realize there are sensitive and controversial topics being put into the center of Christian conversations, and instead of ignoring them, we seek to offer loving guidance.  We want to encourage people to immerse themselves in God’s Word and build relationships of strength as we all navigate the crucial intersection of faith and culture.  

Our mission is to empower Christians to build resilience through a deep and unyielding connection to biblical principles. We aim to inspire a transformative journey that leads believers back to the heart of their faith, fostering a robust and enduring relationship with God.



Our vision is to create a portal with resources that strengthen the faith of the next generation of disciples by offering ways to engage culture responsibly and to provide resources for those who feel confused about how to navigate a post-Christian society.

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