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Being Biblically resilient means the Bible is our first and primary source for life, godliness, and missional engagement.  In a society that is becoming increasingly hostile to anything that resembles orthodox Christianity, it is an approach that avoids the traps of both rigid legalism and progressive relativism. 


It represents faithful and intentional cultural discernment, using scripture to filter the ideas and philosophies of our secular age. Above all, being Biblically resilient means allowing the Bible to form our identity, and transform our hearts, minds and characters into people who stand strong and unmovable in a world that is pressing its ideas in on us.




For me, being biblically resilient means that we simply focus on God and the bible. When putting the bible into practice I think where the bible speaks we should be particular but where it is silent we must be principled.


I think it’s avoiding the temptation of trying to conform to the bible, adjusting those principles, and reshaping our image of God to what we think might be easier to follow or even just more appealing to others. Being biblically resilient means that I fear God out of love and especially when it challenges today’s culture I am strong and steadfast in my beliefs. It means seeking out the fight and going to battle for God.



To me, being biblically resilient means being able to weather the cultural influences of the world and have scriptural truth remain unaffected in my heart.


If I am biblically resilient, no pretense or argument of man can set itself up against me to twist God’s truth in my eyes or heart.




For me, being Biblically resilient means that Scripture is my first response in any circumstance.


It means I’m able to understand what God says through His Word about anything I’m experiencing; whether that be a conversation, a situation, a thought, opinion, etc.


If I am Biblically resilient, the Word is a tool (a sword) that He has trained me to use well through whatever means He’s provided.



For me, being biblical resilient is the opposite of what Jesus describes in Mark 4:5-6. It's about using scriptures as my anchor my life even when the world around me is trying to push me from side to side to believe things that may sounds great, but is actually ungodly. Its ability to withstand those pressures by constantly going back to the truth found in the words of God. 

This can't be surface level though, especially the way the world is going now. Being biblically resilient also is about withstanding and holding to the inerrancy and inspired nature of the bible. Its the truth that will always set free. 

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For me, biblical resilience is preparing the disciple for the path rather than preparing the path for the disciple. Instead of handing out a twelve step plan, Jesus embodied the word for disciples to follow and gave them a third of heaven’s resources, his Holy Spirit.


We have this same resourcing for our personal transformation today, as we embody Christ and change the world around us. Our identity must be based in his word in order to overcome the rejection of the world. Our conviction on the authority of the bible must not sink so low to the cynical culture wars of our time, but rise above the status quo in joyfully accepting God’s word and God’s children, both lost and found. 

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