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lesson 8: A mighty counselor

Updated: May 30

Falling In Love With God’s Word #8

Read Psalm 119:21-24


If we look carefully into this passage, the author is making an extremely important distinction.  He distinguishes between himself (those who have chosen to follow God’s law) and his enemies (those who arrogantly define morality for themselves).  It is very important to understand and embrace the realities of both choices.

Obviously, the author is being opposed.  It may even be that he shares some form of company with noble officials, which would explain why he is being slandered by “rulers.”  His enemies do not regard God’s law as their standard, and are referred to as “arrogant.”  It is important to know that arrogant, arrogance, proud or haughty are mentioned over 200 times in the Bible.  In practically every occurrence, they are mentioned as attitudes detested by God, carrying severe consequences (see Prov. 16:5).  What is it that makes arrogance so offensive to our creator?

The Bible defines an arrogant man as someone who is proud, who knows better, and who doesn’t need to be told what to do.  This is not confidence, this is “knowing better than God how your life should go.”  When you act like you know better than the creator of the universe, you might as well be “cursed” (v. 21).   Since you have no regard for his laws, you “stray” from the very commands designed to protect you (v. 21).  Since God’s laws make no sense to you, you treat them with “scorn” and “contempt” (v. 22).  Arrogant people have become a law unto themselves.  Their lack of concern for what God thinks has turned to hostility, making them ripe for God’s judgment.  Such is the way marked out for people who believe they can rule their own lives free of input from God. 

It doesn’t have to be this way.  In fact, I would say that when people live like that, outward confidence or bravado is not what they experience on the inside.  Life was designed by God.  Living it apart from Him breeds insecurity and anxiety.  When we become a law unto ourselves, we’ve taken on a job for which we are not equipped.  We cannot create our own boundaries, define morality, understand the deep parts of our heart, or create happiness and hope.  These are things God does, and He alone knows how to do it.  To go it alone is arrogant and downright foolish.

The author delights in God’s word, and calls them his “counselor.”  Why do we see a counselor?  To help us find our way.  God’s word does that perfectly.  It doesn’t contain oppressive, irrelevant guidelines, but laws that are specifically designed to guide our lives and help us.  In it, we find safety, protection, love and concern.  God’s awesome word makes no sense to arrogant, proud, haughty people.  On the other hand, it serves as a MIGHTY COUNSELOR for those humble enough to let God lead us.



1.  Do you see pride and arrogance in your life?  In what areas?  Ask God to help you discover areas of pride and turn them into opportunities for humility.


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