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lesson 4: “Second Nature”

Updated: May 30

“Second Nature”

Falling In Love With God’s Word #4

Read Psalm 119:9-13

The author is concerned (rightly so) that no matter his good intentions or goals of godliness, there may be times where he is tempted to forget what God has taught him and give in to sin. How can I stay pure in an increasingly impure world (v. 9)? How can God’s truths ensure that I don’t stray into Satan’s trap (v. 10)? How can I remain loyal to God after all He has done for me (v. 11)? How can God’s powerful word stay on my heart, ready to be called up and spoken through my lips instantly (v. 13)? The answer is this: do everything in you power to make God’s ways “second nature” in your life.

Our nature is who we are. How we think. It represents our patterns of thought, feeling and behavior. We are born with these natural instincts, and they form much of who we are. The more we understand these, the better we understand ourselves. On the other hand, we can train ourselves to think and behave differently. The more we focus on things outside ourselves (not natural to us), the more they can become second nature. In fact, with much use, they can become a real part of us, affecting our thoughts and behavior. The author here is really saying, “God, please let me become so familiar with your ways that they are a part of who I am and protect me from sin.” Wow, that inspires me and helps articulate my own desire. How can we let God’s word become second nature in our lives?

1. Pray for wisdom (James 1:5) – Don’t worry if there are things in the Bible you don’t understand or are hard for you to get. That’s the case for everyone. Instead, make a habit of asking God to help you understand things better and open up insights into scripture. In time, with humility, you will find yourself more and more adept at understanding the Bible. And please, DO NOT compare your Bible knowledge with that of others! Do YOUR best, God will bless it.

2. Train yourself to obey (1 Cor. 9:24-27, 1 Tim. 4:8) – It is a fact that repetition produces habits. Habits become second nature. Don’t just read the Bible, do what it says. Work on things over and over. Have a plan, set some goals, ask friends to hold you accountable. Over time it works, God’s word will come more naturally to you.

3. Memorize scripture – Sadly, this is a lost art. However, the power of memorization in indisputable. Memorizing scripture will go a long way to ensuring that it penetrates into your heart and mind. It will deepen your understanding.

“Tell me; I'll forget. Show me; I may remember. But involve me and I'll understand.”


1. How eager are you for God’s ways to be your second nature? Decide today to devote your whole heart to making the Bible more powerful in your life!


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