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Lesson 5: Increased opportunities

Updated: May 30

Falling In Love With God’s Word #5

Read Psalm 119:14-16


Here is a question, and I think I know the answer:  How would you like to be RICH?  Of course we would!  I’m positive I would, although I would need to make a habit of praying that God would protect my heart and keep me focused on Him.  The author says he rejoices in following God’s statutes, and compares the pleasure to possessing great riches.  It causes him to meditate more on His ways, and even makes a vow that he will not neglect the word.  This is powerful and inspiring.

What appeals to me about great riches?  It’s not necessarily the ability to have more stuff, dress nicer, go more places or play more golf (that last one would happen, though).  In reality, if I were rich, I’d rejoice because it would open more doors and allow a greater breadth of opportunity in my life.  I could give so much more to the church, help so many more people, and better relieve the burdens of those I love.  The potential for making a significant impact on people’s lives would surely increase!  God, please allow me to stumble across millions of dollars…..

Now think of the amazing, unbelievable, true and powerful scriptures!  Why rejoice that we get to follow them.  Are they always easy?  No, they are often challenging and difficult.  However, they provide us opportunities that we would NOT have if we weren’t devoted to them.  We have:


The ability to truly, deeply, sincerely love people – what a relief!

An understanding of our purpose and why we are here

The idea that we can achieve real, lasting, life-changing friendships

A right understanding of intimacy and marriage

The tools to have a real, functional family

The knowledge of how we can really help people in their burdens

A network of relationships that can ensure success in so many areas

People that earnestly look out for and protect us

A right understanding of the limits of worldly pleasure and satisfaction

The tools necessary to ensure we rule our money, not that it rules us

The Holy Spirit, which comforts us and helps teach us to be wise

The ability to exercise faith and optimism in a dark, negative world

A place to lay our burdens, worries and stress!

The ability to meaningfully communicate with the creator of the world

The freedom that comes from being able to forgive people

True freedom from addictions and harmful cycles of behavior

The ability to be grateful, and the immense power that comes with that


Honestly, there are too many to list!  God’s word increases our opportunities in this world, and provides us with more than we could ever have on our own.  Let’s rejoice in that.  The truth is, as nice as worldly riches are, compared to the scriptures they are indeed worthless.  Rejoice today that God’s word is alive in your life!


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